Bad Glenda

I have been a bad girl. My writing took a back seat to all the lovely distractions in the real world. I began to believe the inner editor in my head who told me evil things like:

1. No one wants to read what you are writing.

2. You’ll never finish the story so why start?

3. It’s too late. You’ve missed the boat and you are too old to become an author now.

4. You’re writing will never be as good as (insert your favorite author’s name here).

I let my self-doubt destroy my energy, my enthusiasm and my will to write. I stopped working on my novel. I quit writing this blog. Then Sunday, sitting in church – a place I hadn’t been in a long, long time – something the pastor said resonated in my head. It rolled around inside my head setting off sparks. Sparks that relit the fires of my desire to create, to write, to make digital art. These aren’t his exact words but they are what I heard:

Belief gives words strength. Choose carefully the words you believe!

I believe I can write. I believe someone, somewhere, will want to read what I have written. I believe I will finish my novel … and the one after that and the one after that. My writing may never be as good as (insert your favorite author’s name here) BUT my writing will get better every day and my writing will be as good as I can make it.

You know why? Because I believe and because I believe, I will put the work into doing what needs to be done.

Watch out world, I’m back!




Badges …

April was a busy month for writing. May looks like it will be a challenging month health wise but I’m still going to rock the writing. Below are my 10 Minute Novelists 500K in 365 Badges. The challenge is to write 500,000 words in 365 days. So far I’m on track!

Help me stay on track? I’ll start posting updates throughout the month and let you get to know Noah, Rhyden, Aubree, Kelsey, Seamus and Collum better.

April Bullseye.jpgApril Red Pen Badge.jpgApril Critique Badge.jpg Oops! I almost forgot my favorite one …


Ze End

Z Okay so it doesn’t really start with a Z but we have reached the end of the April A to Z blog challenge.

Did I blog every letter of the alphabet? Nope but I learned tons. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

In 30 days I went from never having had a blog to blogging on an almost daily basis. To me that’s a huge accomplishment.

I also noticed an improvement in the quality of my writing. So thank you A to Z for providing the gentle nudge to get me started.

I’m still debating with myself what to write in May but I know this, I will be blogging so come on back, read a line or two and bring your friends. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Unspeakable Acts

U Have you watched the news lately? Read a newspaper? It seems the world is becoming meaner by the day.

As the wife of a Law Enforcement Officer, I see and hear about even more unspeakable acts than make it to the news. Many of them frighten me. Most bring me to tears. A few intrigue me and become fodder for my stories.

One such event happened this weekend. I won’t go into details but I’ve started writing the story now under the working title of Unspeakable Acts. It’s going to be a vicious story, maybe even too rough to write, but I’m going to give it my all as soon as I finish up the first draft of Broken Toys.

For those of us who write mystery, suspense, crime and thrillers, where do you get your inspiration? Does it have to be a full on story or can a picture or a simple phrase trigger a story for you?

When the ideas come faster than you can type, how do you decide which stories to write first?

What Unspeakable Acts have triggered stories for you? Do you ever feel like an old buzzard picking over the carcass of the news for tidbits you can use in a story?


T Tenacity (noun) – the quality of being extremely determined

Have you ever been to a Little League baseball game? Those guys and gals are tenacious. Winning or losing they keep scrambling after that ball and swinging that bat. Play after play, they hang in there and give it their all.

image I need to return to that child-like mindset and grab hold of some of that tenacity for myself. I tend to give up to easily when I reach a “foul ball” in my writing. How many tools do you have to overcome those stumbling blocks in your stories?

Time to plant my feet, raise my elbow, keep an eye on the ball and swing for the outfield.

Who wants to grab a bat and swing away with me? Let’s be tenacious!


S Serenity (noun) – a state of being calm or tranquil

Through the years, I have kept the following prayer posted on my computer monitor at home and at work.

“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

From time to time I might change the last line to “…and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those who ticked me off.”

In today’s world it is harder and harder to find serenity. We seem to be constantly assaulted by noise. Outside traffic races by – engines racing, brakes squealing, horns honking . Inside phones ring and ding, people chatter, doors slam. Serenity is shredded.

When I crave serenity I head to the sea. There’s still noise but the call of the gulls and the crash of the waves is soothing music to my soul.


Where do you find your serenity?


image Respect (noun) – a feeling of deep admiration for someone elicited upon their abilities, qualities or achievements

I learned today of the passing of a man for whom I had much respect. William “Bill” Wheat aka Mr. Mooney or Mr. Terrible flew west today to join his Maker as well his family and friends who went on before him.

The first time I met Bill I was new on the job at Mooney Airplane Company. I was settling in at my desk when I hear this querulous voice say, “Well, if you would just shut up and listen to me, I could tell you how to fix this problem.”

I nearly fell out of my chair. That’s not how you were supposed to talk to customers! Who was this crazy old man? Surely the customer would call and complain and he would be fired on the spot. But the customer didn’t because this crazy man was THE Bill Wheat. People called from all over the world to talk to Bill and glean some of his knowledge. If he wasn’t gruff with him, they worried about him.

Bill was the first one to make me feel at home at Mooney. And he was the one to stick me with the nickname Giggles. ☺️ What can I say? I giggle when I’m nervous.

In his late 70s/early 80s even back then he was always the first one on site at the plant where we built the world’s fastest single engine aircraft. When the processes I needed to use on the computer bogged down the network, I started coming in at 4 a.m.  Yep, Bill was always there before me.

If you asked how he was, the answer was always “Terrible “. He told me once if he ever said he was good or fine to call the paramedics immediately because something was clearly wrong.

On those quiet mornings while my computer ground away generating the multiple work orders needed to build our planes, Bill would tell me stories. The man had a history you had to admire and respect.

When Al Mooney first opened the Mooney plant in Kerrville, Texas , Bill Wheat was there. He used to live onsite and act as night security. Bill told me he was also a test pilot for Al Mooney.


One day when Bill went to Al’s office to tell everything that was wrong with the plane, Al slammed his hands down on the desk, looked Bill square in the eyes and said, “Wheat, I’m sick and tired of you finding things wrong with my airplanes. Effective now you are an Engineer. Fix them!”

His boyhood stories were even more impressive. I kick myself now for not writing them down as he shared them with me.

Bill Wheat is a big part of Mooney history and known and loved around the world. Eccentric, hilarious and a genius many times over, there is no replacement for him.

Bill didn’t work at Mooney on Fridays so every Thursday morning he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out his “So Happy It’s Thursday” button and pinned it to his shirt. Yep, it was a bright yellow button that proudly proclaimed S.H.I.T. Management might frown but wha my could they do? This was Mr. Wheat. He had forgotten more about our airplanes than many would ever know.

It dawns on me as I write this that Bill left us today, a Thursday.  Bill, I know you are happy to have flown away from the pain and confusion that plagued these last years and I know you are soaring high but I want you to know that those of you left here on the ground will miss you.

I’ll be watching the sky for you, waiting for you to waggle your wings.

With all respect, always.