Create a Creative Routine

As you can tell, my 21 Days to Creative Abundance is taking me longer than 21 days. The lesson about cleaning out clutter and getting rid of distractions stumped me. Who would ever have guessed I had collected that much clutter? Not only physical clutter but digital clutter (really? 32,669 unread emails? YIKES!) and “attitudinal” clutter. That was the hardest to clean up but I think I’m on the path to a clutter-free, distraction-free journey to Creative Abundance.

With the beginning of NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) and my new job writing for and Heart of Texas Magazine, a routine is going to be more important to me than ever. The past week or so I have been feeling overwhelmed – excited but overwhelmed – and as a result, fatigued. My creative routine is designed to energize me.

Most people start their routines in the morning. Now, anyone that knows me will tell you I am NOT a morning person. Most mornings, it’s wisest not to even speak to me until closer to noon. Darlin’ will cook breakfast from time to time, place a piece of bacon on a super long fork and shove it cautiously in my direction. If I don’t take his arm off along with the piece of bacon, he knows it safe to say “Good Morning”. I say that teasingly but there is a bit of truth in it. So, why do you care? The moral of the story was to show it’s okay to start your routine whenever works best for you – bright and early in the morning, midday, evening, or my favorite after midnight.

Following are the steps of my Creative Routine:


Get a move on! Newton’s Laws of Motion states an object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion. Get up and get your body in motion. Walk, dance, skip, hop, whatever makes you feel good. Twenty minutes of moving around will get your blood pumping, clean the cobwebs and fog from your brain and get those creative juices flowing. Moving around will jump start those energy levels you will need to create something.


Ask yourself these Three Questions – What are you grateful for today? What are you excited about today? and of course, What are you going to create today?


Set a certain time each day a minimum of four to five times a day for your sacred “Create” time. Stephen King would say seven days a week but hey, I’m not Stephen King. The best thing about having a set, scheduled time to create is your subconscious starts looking forward to it. The creative juices will begin to flow as soon as you start step one of your routine and many times, they will start flowing early in anticipation of “Create” time. I printed out a physical calendar with time marked out for creation time.


Focus! Remember those distractions we spent the last few days getting rid of? Make sure they stay gone. Make a list of any new distractions that pop up during your “Create” time. Study that list and find a way to prevent those distractions from happening.


I want to hear from you. Share your Creative Routine in the comments below.



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