Art and Psychology, who knew?

Who knew when I started reaching deeper inside myself journaling for 21 Days to Creative Abundance that I would find myself studying psychology? I sure didn’t.

One of the first assignments to enable you to live the life you have imagined for yourself is to discover what that life is. What is your vision for your life?

Last night I pulled out my favorite pen and my brand new leather bound journal and began to ponder that question. I scribbled down my standard go-to answer. “I want to be an artist and a published author.”

I put my pen down, patted myself on the back, proud of myself. That wasn’t so hard. I’ve already finished my first assignment, I thought.

Then I heard Sebastian’s voice echo in my mind. “Don’t just  jot down ideas in your journal. Attack your journal with absolute creative abandon.”

I looked at the words I had written on my page. I could see Sebastian shaking his head in disappointment. I heard him whisper, “It’s in the process of writing about life and art that we discover life and art.”

I sighed. I picked up my favorite pen and tapped it against my thigh. I knew I could do better than this. So I asked myself my favorite question – WHY? Why do I want to be an artist? Why do I want to be a published author? Aren’t I all of those things already?

Well yes, technically, I am. I have art in a gallery in San Antonio. (Pop into BesArte, Bldg 17 in La Villita if you want to see it.) I have published works … a novella, several short stories, articles, and flash fiction. So what do I really want? What am I really looking for?

Next thing I know I’m thinking about Maslow and his hierarchy of needs.


My basic needs have been met. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, shelter from the elements. I feel safe most of the time. Darlin’, after all, is a Law Enforcement Officer and I know how to handle the many guns scattered around our dwelling. So what’s next? What do I really need? Why do I want to be an artist and an author? Why am I taking this class, this 21 days to Creative Abundance?

I’m doing it to fulfill my psychological needs. I have friends and family. I know I belong. I know I am loved and that I love. I want more.

I want to unleash my creativity to satisfy my need for self-esteem. I want to belong to a unique group of individuals who think similar to me (because no one thinks exactly like I do), a group who shares goals and ideals, a group I can belong to without feeling like I am a step below them. To belong, I need to challenge myself. I need to expand my talents. I need to grow in creative abundance.

Thanks, Sebastian, for making me dig deeper. Thank you, my friends, for being part of that group of unique, talented individuals in which I strive to belong.

Tell me in the comments, please, what is your vision for your life? What do you need to do to begin living the life you’ve always imagined for yourself? Where do you fall on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Are you ready to stretch and grow? I would love to know.


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