Unspeakable Acts

U Have you watched the news lately? Read a newspaper? It seems the world is becoming meaner by the day.

As the wife of a Law Enforcement Officer, I see and hear about even more unspeakable acts than make it to the news. Many of them frighten me. Most bring me to tears. A few intrigue me and become fodder for my stories.

One such event happened this weekend. I won’t go into details but I’ve started writing the story now under the working title of Unspeakable Acts. It’s going to be a vicious story, maybe even too rough to write, but I’m going to give it my all as soon as I finish up the first draft of Broken Toys.

For those of us who write mystery, suspense, crime and thrillers, where do you get your inspiration? Does it have to be a full on story or can a picture or a simple phrase trigger a story for you?

When the ideas come faster than you can type, how do you decide which stories to write first?

What Unspeakable Acts have triggered stories for you? Do you ever feel like an old buzzard picking over the carcass of the news for tidbits you can use in a story?


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