Q Quandary (noun) – a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation

I have a bit of a Quandary. In nine more letters my A to Z challenge will be complete. Then what?

This challenge gave me structure, something I often crave. I have no clue what to post after the challenge.

I’m sure you have no desire to know what I eat for breakfast each day. Do you? I didn’t think so and thank goodness because most days I don’t eat breakfast.

So the Quandary remains. What should I blog about after my challenge ends? Many of you are writers, some are photographers, others I don’t know. I haven’t “met” you yet. What would you like to read?

I hesitate to offer writing advice as many of you write so much better than I. Photography lessons? Again many are much better at teaching than I.

Would you like to get to know my characters better? Should I share vignettes, interviews and flash fiction involving the characters from my upcoming novels?

Should I ask you to share your short fiction with me? Perhaps a daily prompt with room for you to share your creations in the comments?

Are you more interested in my art? Should I share pieces of my art, my heart, along with commentary on the who, what, where, when, how and most importantly why?

Would you like to read about my favorite subject – my family? I have tons of kids and grandkids I could brag about. Oh wait, I already do that on Facebook.

Come on, Folks, help me solve my quandary. What do you want to read?


6 thoughts on “Quandary

  1. Hi Glenda! Sometimes I ponder the idea of doing an A to Z Challenge every month, but I suppose that would probably take the fun out of it. Part of the excitement is the fact that it only comes around once a year — like Christmas.

    I do like writing challenges, in general, however. So I’m always interested in reading other people’s work as part of a challenge, or in participating in new ones. Maybe you could pick one that interests you for May?


  2. With the exception of breakfast (or lack thereof), pretty much everything you listed made me think, yeah, I’d read that! I know that’s probably no help, but I think you should just put up that list and every week (maybe more) pick one of the topics that fits what’s going on in your life.

    Personally, I don’t worry about the fact that everyone is better at this than I am. It’s okay. We can just be who we are right where we are. ❤

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