P Procrastination? *raises hand* Guilty! Extremely guilty!

You will notice that my A to Z Challenge is missing N and O. Why? Yep, you guessed it. Procrastination.

I started my post for N. I really did. I even have the first 100 or so words written. I was going to tell you all about Noah, my ruggedly handsome, darkly tortured main character in Broken Toys. I was going to interview him; give you a look deeper inside his slightly twisted psyche. He refused to talk to me.

That’s okay, I thought. I’ll go to the gym and work out. I competed in the 10 Minute Novelists 4th Semi-Annual 5K Walk/Run/Write event this weekend so I wanted to get my steps in. I did … 2 miles on the treadmill and 2.2 miles at home on our walking path trying to avoid the storms that assaulted our area of South Texas this weekend.

Alright, steps done. Come on, Noah, let’s chat.

Nope, he’s still not in the mood.

Alrighty then, I’ll skip Noah for right now and work on someone else in the novel. I wrote 2K + and asked Noah if he was ready to visit with me yet. He turned his back on me.

Okay, hmmm… choices. I can force him to talk to me or I can take a nap. Rain is drumming down on the tin roof. The wind is howling. Thunder rolling. Yep, took a nap.

Woke up. Oh no, time is running out. Fine, Noah, I’ll skip N. I’m going to move on to O. O should be Obstacles. Obstacles like contrary characters refusing to open up and talk to me. My mind goes blank. Darlin’ calls out, “Hey, Outlander is on.”

Outlander? O? Sure, why not? It’s karma, right? So I snuggle down next to Darlin’ and we watch the adventures of Jamie and Claire. Wait, wasn’t I supposed to be writing? Oh well, I’ll do it later.

After the show I realize I only have a few hours left to knock out the rest of my words. I am competitive and I have to reach 5,000 words before my 24 hours are up. After all, I already had my steps done. So I buckle down and finish my 5,000 words but my blog post for O drifted by the wayside.

How often does procrastination get in your way? Isn’t there always something more fun, more interesting, more pressing, more important that needs to be done?

I need to quit procrastinating. I am going to quit procrastinating. Right after I finish reading this really cool book …


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