M M is for Metamorphosis also known as transformation.

Metamorphosis can be as simple as accepting one’s true self or as complicated as becoming a whole new person.

Every day results in a tiny bit of transformation whether we notice it or not. Every person we come in contact with, every thing we see, every thing we hear, every thing we read and form an opinion on, every thing we learn. Each and every thing we rub up against, bump into or otherwise encounter causes a change, a metamorphosis, in ourselves.

Will you fight your transformation or will you embrace it with your arms wide open?


This is me. I’m tired of being a caterpillar and am ready to become a butterfly. Each morning I open my eyes I make a conscious choice to embrace my metamorphosis, to chase after it like a chasing a rainbow.

Questions to ponder:

What can you do today that you couldn’t do twelve months ago?

What will you be able to do in twelve months that you couldn’t do today?

Embrace your metamorphosis, release your wings and fly!



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