L L is for Life – which sometimes has a way of getting in the path of my writing and tripping me up. Yesterday was just such a day. Darlin’ had to have a procedure done at the VA hospital. No big deal – routine maintenance, we’ll call it. My plan was to write while they had him otherwise occupied.

I get to the family waiting room, find a place to sit in the crowded room and pull out my supplies. I have a printed copy of my outline, my notebook and a couple of dozen stabbingly sharp, bright yellow #2 pencils. I settle in ready to knock out my post for “K” and then to jump back into the world of Broken Toys.

I can’t do it. I’m sucked into to all the drama going on around me. I hear the wife who is telling the lady sitting next to her that she would be happy to trade husbands because the one that came home is not the same man who left fifteen months ago. I listen to the man praying while he waits to see what can be done for his son recently returned from Afghanistan. I watch the children playing and running wild, oblivious to the tears their mother is trying to hold in. This is the life that surrounds me and draws me in. So much worry, so much pain and so much hope.

This is the life that made me pause for a moment and give thanks to God that Darlin’ is whole and overall healthy. This is the life that reminded me that for this one day I needed to put my pencil down and just live.



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