Just Do It …

J To quote Nike … just do it!

Put your butt in the chair and start writing. Take a break, get up, move around, grab a bite to eat, put your butt back in the chair and keep writing. Next time you take a break, go outside and walk or run for awhile.

That’s my plan for this coming weekend, Saturday, April 16th. I’m participating in the 10 Minute Novelists 4th SemiAnnual Run / Walk / Write 5K!

The challenge? In a 24 hour period this weekend everyone who signed up will strive to walk or run 5 kilometers (3.2 miles) AND write 5,000 words! Is it hard? Absolutely! Can it be done? You betcha!

Why would you do this? Great challenges, wonderful sense of accomplishment and fantastic prizes.

I won it last year and I’m going to do it again this year. Best part for me? This challenge is my motivation to get Broken Toys finished and published by next year so I can donate copies of it to be included in next year’s prizes.

Want to join me in the challenge? Join 10 Minute Novelists Facebook group, go to Events and sign up!

As Nike says: JUST DO IT!



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