I Idiosyncrasy: (noun) an unusual way in which a particular person behaves or thinks (retrieved from 04/11/2016)

Seems to me that creative people tend to have more idiosyncrasies than most. I know for sure I do. When I sit down to write I must have certain supplies:

  • College ruled loose leaf notebook paper
  • Yellow #2 pencils sharpened to a severe point
  • Pink rubber eraser
  • My hand pencil sharpener shaped like a cardinal’s head

Once I have these things in place I can finally begin to write. If I misspell a word, I can’t cross through it. It has to be erased completely and rewritten. And this is for my rough draft. Can you imagine how picky I am on the second and consecutive drafts?

When I am out taking photographs, the strap of my camera has to be wrapped around my wrist in a figure eight shape – twice – not once, not three times – exactly twice.

Some days I wonder: Am I idiosyncratic or do I suffer from OCD? But then I look around my house and realize nope, not OCD. I just have to have a few things certain ways in order to access my inner creative self.

So what are your idiosyncrasies? Do you have to have things a certain way in order to create?



2 thoughts on “Idiosyncrasies

  1. Wow! You write in pencil? I usually reserve pencils for the agenda (especially since I can literally “pencil people in”!), but tend to write most things on the computer. I do find that I prefer to write poetry in a notebook, and when I am brainstorming for larger projects, I will grab pen and paper rather than trying to type things up. I have even been known to start scribbling on my whiteboard, if I’m not ready to commit… I guess my idiosyncracies, then, are based around the type of writing and the moods they evoke.

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