Hot Biscuits and Honey

H Mmmm-mmm! Hot biscuits and honey for breakfast. Nothing says home to me like a big weekend breakfast. Waking up to pancakes, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy and Mama singing at the stove.


Darlin’ is working security all weekend at the Poteet Strawberry Festival. He leaves the cabin at six a.m. And comes home at 3 a.m. The next morning only to get up and go again a few hours later. In years past I either sat at home waiting on him or I went to the festival and fought the swarms of people to spend ten minutes with him.

This year I chose a different path. I went home to spend time with Mama and one of my sisters came up from Houston too.  We’re going to have a fantastic weekend filled with laughter, joy and love.

Who says you can’t go home??


One thought on “Hot Biscuits and Honey

  1. Yum, biscuits! I remember eating biscuits and gravy on the weekends as a kid. I think my mom started making them because my dad grew up in the south, and enjoyed them. Either way, I can definitely appreciate a lazy Saturday or Sunday with a nice gravy-soaked biscuit and sausage… or even a honey-drizzled biscuit!

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