Giggles and Grins

G Life is too short to be grumpy but what happens when you are ready to move beyond Giggles and Grins.

When Noah, my lovely Texas Ranger, began dating his girlfriend, Kelsey, he told her point blank, “This relationship is for giggles and grins. If I’m not home when you call, don’t ask me where I’ve been. It’s really none of your business.” Kelsey was okay with this arrangement as long as it worked both ways.

Now Noah is getting restless. He wants more. Giggles and grins was fine in the beginning but now it’s not enough. He wants a commitment – marriage, kids, the whole shebang. But what does Kelsey want? What if he scares her away? As a result he has become gruff and yep, you guessed it, grumpy. Things are tense whenever they are together and he can feel her wondering why, wondering what’s wrong.

Every relationship reaches that point where you either need to move to the next level or call it quits. What will happen? Will Noah propose? Will Kelsey accept or will she, as Noah fears, run screaming and kicking for the exit?

Guess you’ll just have to read Broken Toys to find out – once I finish writing it, that is. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend. I’m heading off to gad about the Texas Hill Country taking photographs of bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes and poppies. Talk to you tomorrow!


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