D Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines … everything in life seems to have a deadline. Taxes need to be paid by April 15th (unless of course you file for an extension like I did). The electric bill has to be paid by the 3rd, the mortgage by the 1st. Deadlines surround us.

I have a love/hate relationship with deadlines.

I hate deadlines because I am a natural born procrastinator. If I can put it off for one more day, one more minute, one more second, I’m going to put it off. It’s my nature.

I love deadlines because deadlines keep me honest. They keep me productive. And I find I function best under pressure. If I don’t have deadlines, I don’t finish anything. I’m great at starting things but not so great with finishing them.

This April A to Z Challenge is another deadline that keeps me motivated. A post a day? The entire alphabet by the end of April? Yep, that’s a deadline with enough pressure to keep me motivated.

I even signed up for Author Accelerator, not for the guidance and things they teach me – which are amazing! – but because I would have a weekly deadline to turn in my writing. I’ve piddled around working (starting) one novel after another for years and years. Now I have a deadline imposed by someone other than myself and I am closer to finishing a novel than I have ever been before.

How do you handle deadlines? Do self-imposed deadlines work for you? Or are you like me and need an external deadline to get things done?


10 thoughts on “Deadlines

  1. I don’t do well with self-imposed deadlines. I’ll procrastinate and put things off as long as I can. That’s probably why I haven’t written my stories. Being on an external deadline is better because I can focus on the task at hand and it helps me produce better work.

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  2. I can relate to the love/hate relationship with deadlines.
    Also, it’s not “a post a day”, we get Sunday off in the challenge (yeah, right, because that’s going to make a huge difference… 😉 ).

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  3. I love writing challenges, because they offer deadlines! Self-imposed deadlines are easier to brush off or ignore, when the going gets tough. But anything with a community that is watching offers accountability, and therefore makes me sit my butt in the chair and get writing. In fact, I’m absolutely addicted to writing challenges: NaNoWriMo, 3-Day Novel Contest, A to Z Blogging Challenge, 365K Club, the Iron Writer… I love them all! 🙂


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